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If you are passionate about traveling, but hesitant to do so because of the associated costs, considering a working holiday visa can be a good option for you. Many countries today offer working holiday visas to travelers who can fund their trips to the country by taking up casual employment.

Working Holiday Visa – Who needs one?

Traveling to a new country can be an expensive affair. From the cost of living, accommodation, and day to day expenses, flying abroad for a vacation can become unaffordable for most people. But what if there was a way to finance your travel? Working holiday visas to the rescue.

These visas allow travelers to take up short term work in the destination countries in order to fund their travel. Employment or business visas usually have a tedious application process and might require you to submit a lot of paperwork and documents. In such cases, a working holiday visa is a perfect option for travelers who are looking for an efficient solution to finance their expenses.

What are the benefits of availing a working holiday visa in Australia?

A working holiday visa can entitle you to stay in Australia for a period of 12 months from the date it was granted. You can enter Australia as many times as you like in this period of 12 months.

Additionally, you can enjoy the following benefits when you have your first working holiday visa in Australia:

  • You are allowed to take up any short-term work in Australia that can help pay for your trip.
  • You are allowed to study or take up training for a period of 4 months with your working holiday visa. This type of visa may not be the best option if you are considering taking up a course that is more than 4 months in duration.

Are you eligible?

Before you can apply for your working holiday visa, there are a few eligibility criteria that you must meet:

  • You must be between the age of 18-30. If you are a Canadian or Irish, you must be between the age of 18-35.
  • You must hold a valid passport from Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Republic of Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Germany, France, Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (including British National Overseas passport holders), Japan, Italy, Malta, Republic of Korea, Norway, Netherlands, Taiwan (other than an official or diplomatic passport), Sweden, or The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • You must prove that you have sufficient funds to finance to support yourself during your travel. This is normally in the ballpark of AUD5000.
  • You must have not previously used a working holiday visa to enter Australia. Additionally, if you have had your visa canceled previously, you might not be eligible to apply for the working holiday visa.
  • You must pass character and health requirements. This means that you must pass a physical health examination to be granted the visa. Additionally, you must not have any substantial criminal records, affiliations with terrorist organizations, malicious intent, among others.
  • You must clear any debts you owe to the Australian Government or arrange for it to be paid back. Additionally, you must sign and acknowledge the Australian values statement and guidelines.

Application Procedure

Travelers looking to secure the working holiday visa can apply for it online from outside Australia (click here). The application process normally takes about 9-18 days and has a fee of AUD485. Additionally, you might have to pay for health checks, police certificates, and other similar factors. The online website has a streamlined process that can help you apply for your visa easily.

What kind of work can you do?

A traveler with a working holiday visa can take up any form of employment in NSW, Melbourne, Sydney, or any other place in Australia. However, he/she is allowed to work for the same employer only for a period of 6 months. 

If you are considering to apply a second working holiday visa, then you must have taken up employment for a minimum of 3 months in the following fields:

  • Animal and plant cultivation.
  • Tree farming and felling.
  • Construction and mining.
  • Pearling and fishing.

If you want to apply for a third working holiday visa, then you must complete at least 6 months of employment in any of the fields mentioned above.

A potential worker with a working holiday visa has the freedom to travel and work anywhere in Australia and enter it multiple times for a period of 12 months since the visa was granted. The Australian government also mandates employers to pay superannuation into the superannuation funds of their employees if they are eligible. Working holiday visa holders are also entitled to their superannuation funds.

What are your obligations as a working holiday visa holder?

If you have successfully obtained a working holiday visa, there are certain obligations and rules that you have to abide by:

  • It is mandatory to pay your taxes when you work in Australia with this visa.
  • You must comply with all the terms and conditions of the visa and Australian laws.
  • You are allowed to access your superannuation fund when you leave Australia.
  • You are liable for any personal healthcare costs. Taking up effective health insurance can help you minimize your liability.

Does the visa have any limitations?

Yes, the working holiday visa has a few limitations such as:

  • You cannot include any family members, relatives, or children in your application form.
  • You cannot work for the same employer for more than a period of 6 months.
  • You cannot study more than a period of 4 months (17 weeks) when you are in Australia.
  • The visa is valid only for a period of 12 months. Additionally, you can apply for a second or third working holiday visa if you meet the required eligibility criteria.
  • The visa has strict age requirements. You are not eligible if you are over 30 years of age.

Valuable tips that can help you make the most of your working holiday visa

Before you plan your trip to Australia, there are a few things that you can do to help you make the most of your time and money:

  • Research job opportunities
    This can help you hit the ground running when you reach Australia and reduce financial burden.
  • Accommodation and living expenses
    living in a new country can be a completely new experience. Researching the cost of living, accommodation and other related expenses can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Plan your travel
    At the end of the day, the working holiday visa is not for workers. It is for travelers who are looking to fund their trips. Plan your travel accordingly to make the most of your visit to Australia.

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