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Have you ever wondered which part of your body withstands the greatest stress?

If you answered feet, then you’ve got full marks. Our feet are perhaps the one part of our body that has to bear our entire weight. While staying on your feet 24/7 is the ultimate goal of any professional in the 21st century, it can be really bothersome if you’re stuck with the wrong pair of footwear.

However, it can be difficult to zero in on the right pair of shoes, considering the fact that there are an overwhelming number of choices available in the market. And the task becomes even more difficult when it comes to choosing Safety Shoes.

Workmen and professionals who handle on-site and factory floor jobs need to be on their feet, up and running most of the times. As a result, their feet have to bear the brunt. Further, workplaces such as factories and construction sites can be dangerous environments; it’s very easy to hurt one’s feet in these locations. Therefore, the professionals working here need to be extra careful in choosing the right footwear.

The following are some tips to follow that can make the task easier.

Comfort Is Key

The foremost thing that should be on your mind when choosing a pair of workboots is the comfort factor. Remember, you are going to be spending a major portion of the day wearing the pair, and if you are not comfortable this can certainly interfere with your work. So, when choosing a pair be sure to ascertain you are comfortable in them.

Consider A Waterproof Pair

If you work in conditions that involve a lot of moisture, consider going with a pair of waterproof safety shoes. Waterproof shoes can also be a godsend in case of sudden showers or humid environments.

Material Matters

The material that makes up your shoes is another factor you should carefully consider. Not only does the material determine the durability and toughness of your shoes, it also contributes to the comfort factor. You can go with leather, carbon-fiber, Kevlar or even composites that are created by blending several compounds together. Further, in order to avoid sweaty feet, you should go with breathable material that allows for better circulation.


Factor In Your Profession

Ideally, your choice of safety shoes should be influenced by your profession. Safety requirements for plumbers are different from those of, say…electricians, and this means they require different types of boots. So, whether you are in construction, engineering or manufacturing, keep your workplace safety guidelines in mind when choosing your safety boots.

Carefully Gauge Weight 

A heavy shoe is not necessarily the toughest one; in fact, too much of a weight on your feet can actually hinder your workplace performance. When going with a pair of safety shoes, you might have to reach a tradeoff between the weight and the safety. Choose wisely in this regard.

Rely On Reviews

Finally, before taking the leap and purchasing the pair you have chosen, carefully go through any reviews of your intended purchase to get a good idea of its quality and durability. If you are buying online then you should look for reviews from genuine buyers who have used the product. Otherwise, rely on the word-of-mouth opinions of co-workers and peers who have experience of making similar purchases.

Where To Buy?

As safety shoes are an important part of the workman’s arsenal, consider sticking with reputed brands; your safety depends on the quality of the product you choose. In Australia you can choose to purchase from REDZ Workwear, Workboot Warehouse and Everything Australian, to name a few. Other than that, you can always go to your local shoe store and enquire whether they stock your pair of choice.

The Bottom Line

They say that the first thing we notice about a person are their shoes, and it’s necessary to always wear a nice pair. However, when it comes to safety shoes, functionality should always take precedence over looks. So, the next time you are in the market to buy a pair of workboots, keep the above tips in mind to guide you.

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