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From pickers to stock-takers to factory workers, and everything in between, our warehousing staff database has the best candidates for your business. With the high growth in the industry, we have made it our purpose to gather the best people across NSW to fulfill your staffing needs. Warehouse staff has some of the highest responsibilities in any business. Keeping your stock and supplies organized and secure is vital in the marketplace. With warehousing staff from ELH, your business will have the goods at the right place at the right time.


All our staff undergoes a strict process of verification and reference checking. We consider several criteria when selecting staff for our database. A minimum of 12 months experience in their chosen field is what gets the candidates in the door. Their proven track record and a face to face interview with one of our qualified recruiters get these candidates for the next step.

At least 2 references need to be confirmed and checked by the recruiter to confirm each candidate’s skill level and work performance. Once they complete each one of the qualifying steps with success, only then do they make it on to our database at your disposal.

Warehouse staffing

From small businesses to multi-national corporations, warehousing is one of the most important aspects that have to be dealt with great care and expertise.

Warehousing plays a crucial role in any business by managing its inventory, goods, and equipment in an efficient manner.

The main function of a warehouse is to store your goods and stocks effectively. Proper inventory management can reduce the supply-demand gap and the time required for product consumption from the time it is manufactured. Additionally, you can save your stock from many external factors such as theft, damage, fire, etc.

With poor warehousing, you may run into constant losses with your business and other similar problems such as inadequate supply, slow response time to customer orders, etc. So, what exactly do you need to ensure that your warehousing needs are met? Efficient staff who are highly trained and capable of handling your requirements. This is exactly what we offer. We have a highly-skilled labour pool for you to choose from. Whether you need them for a short-term requirement or a permanent posting as warehouse staff, we have got you covered. Our carefully picked labor pool is pre-screened and vetted to ensure that they are the right fit for you. Our warehousing laborers can help you save time and improve the efficiency of your business at affordable costs.

Warehousing includes everything from taking stocks, managing databases, and much more. We have expert staff who are experienced and trained in every aspect of managing a warehouse efficiently. We have many roles for you to choose from such as:

  • General Laborers.
  • Wrapping/ Packing/ Boxing Laborers.
  • Data entry labor.
  • Database Management/ Storage Management.
  • Inventory Specialists.
  • Foremen/ Leading hands.
  • Supervisors, and much more.

Rest assured, that you get the best in quality and experience when you choose for your warehouse staffing needs and requirements.