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Growth and economic development are dependent on a sustainable infrastructure and rail system. We understand this and thus have compiled a qualified and competent database of staff in this industry. We have the skilled RISI labourers and RISI artisans that you need to deliver on your I & R projects. Our candidates are physically and mentally ready to put in the hours of work that is needed to keep the wheels rolling and the tarmac flowing.


All our staff undergoes a strict process of verification and reference checking. We consider several criteria when selecting staff for our database. A minimum of 12 months experience in their chosen field is what gets the candidates in the door. Their proven track record and a face to face interview with one of our qualified recruiters get these candidates for the next step.

At least 2 references need to be confirmed and checked by the recruiter to confirm each candidate’s skill level and work performance. Once they complete each one of the qualifying steps with success, only then do they make it on to our database at your disposal.


Rail and infrastructure projects can turn out to be highly labor-intensive. Finding skilled laborers in such situations can become a difficult task. But don’t worry! This is exactly what we offer.

We have a comprehensive database of a skilled workforce who are certified and qualified to help you with your rail and infrastructure projects. Additionally, they go through a thorough screening process to eliminate any unqualified or ineffective workforce. They are also vetted and trained before they are deployed to help you with your projects.

What are the common challenges when it comes to labour for rail and infrastructure projects?

  • Unskilled laborers
    Not only do you have to spend more time and resources in training them and getting them up to speed, but they can also turn out to be a liability in time-bound projects.
  • Duration
    Rail and infrastructure projects usually span months together. Finding laborers for a long-term contract is important in order to ensure continuous work. You can also avoid training costs for new laborers.
  • Expensive
    In most cases, finding long-term contracts for laborers can result in high expenses and costs. However, when you choose us for your labor needs, we ensure that you get the best solutions which are cost-effective and efficient.
  • Physically intensive tasks
    The laborers for such projects must be prepared both physically and mentally as it involves outdoor work with long hours.

The common job titles for which we provide laborers in Rail and Infrastructure projects are as shown below:

  • General laborers.
  • Foremen/ Leading hands/ Supervisors.
  • Engineers/ Rail Engineers/ Rail Specialists
  • Machine engineers/ Machine specialists/ Tool specialists.
  • Infrastructure engineers/ Infrastructure specialists
  • Technicians/ Tool engineers, and much more.

Our wide labor pool not only ensures that your requirements are met adequately but also makes sure that you get access to the best solutions which are cost-effective.