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Hospitality is an industry that has many staffing issues. Reliable staff is often not easy to come by. East Labour Hire has selected the best of the best in the hospitality market and we have them listed on our database for your needs. Reduce the high turnover of staff by employing better people with better skills. Let EHL assist you in placing the most reliable, trustworthy hospitality staff in your business. Waiters to chefs to front desk personnel, we have top candidates ready for your business for temporary or permanent assignments.


All our staff undergoes a strict process of verification and reference checking. We consider several criteria when selecting staff for our database. A minimum of 12 months experience in their chosen field is what gets the candidates in the door. Their proven track record and a face to face interview with one of our qualified recruiters get these candidates for the next step.

At least 2 references need to be confirmed and checked by the recruiter to confirm each candidate’s skill level and work performance. Once they complete each one of the qualifying steps with success, only then do they make it on to our database at your disposal.


The hospitality industry sees some of the highest employee turnovers. Why? Good, reliable employees are hard to come by. Most people employed in such industries today do not have the required skills and often are not reliable and trustworthy. We understand how important it is to have honest, people-friendly workforce when it comes to hospitality. 

Whether you need staff for your hotels or greeters for your office, we have got the best hospitality labor pool for you to choose from.  Our labor pool is carefully screened containing only highly qualified individuals with relevant experience and skills. Additionally, we take the time out to verify their backgrounds and previous employment history to ensure that you get reliable and hardworking laborers having good track records.

What are the main qualities required by laborers in hospitality?

  • People skills
    In service-based industries, having good people skills is one of the most important qualities of the staff. They must be able to handle all kinds of customers with a smile to ensure good service.
  • Grooming
    Hospitality staff must be well-groomed and professional when handling their clients.
  • Mannerisms and personality
    They must be extremely well-mannered and polite when at work.
  • Qualifications
    They must be qualified and trained to handle different situations and processes.

When you choose us for your hospitality labor requirements, you get all of the above qualities in your workforce and much more. Let us improve your business by providing you with reliable and trustworthy staff. Whether your need is temporary, permanent or ad-hoc, we provide all kinds of laborers for your hospitality requirements.

Here are some of the common job roles that we offer when it comes to hospitality:

  • Chefs/ Cooks/ Assistants.
  • Waiters/ Greeters/ Luggage boys.
  • Housekeeping staff/ Housekeeping Maintenance/ Housekeeping supervisors.
  • General laborers/ Handymen.
  • Cleaning staff/ Cleaning services.
  • Concierge/ Assistant/ Secretaries