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No deal is ever done until the paperwork is complete. Admin and office staff are the backbone of any business in any industry. No matter what your business specialises in you need competent and trustworthy admin and office staff to make sure that the invoices and statements are all in the right place when you need them. The candidates on our database have proven track records and are highly skilled and ready for placement. So contact us now to get the best back office in your industry.


All our staff undergo a strict process of verification and reference checking. We consider several criteria when selecting staff for our database. A minimum of 12 months experience in their chosen field is what gets the candidates in the door. Their proven track record and a face to face interview with one of our qualified recruiters get these candidates for the next step.

At least 2 references need to be confirmed and checked by the recruiter to confirm each candidate’s skill level and work performance. Once they complete each one of the qualifying steps with success, only then do they make it on to our database at your disposal.


If you believe that you have the necessary skills and qualifications and can provide a proven track record of your past work assignments, apply now to be part of our professional database.

We will put you forward to the best employers in your industry and we will get you the best position and top remuneration for your abilities. Our vetting process ensures that when you go out in the marketplace you are represented by the best labour provider in the market – East Labour Hire.


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Every business or office needs a reliable and qualified office staff. They are the backbone of a smoothly functioning office and have a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Starting with overseeing daily operations, they have a number of different roles including preparing statements and reports, reaching out to clients, sending invoices, and much more. As they have access to many critical business documents and assets, the laborers or workforce that you choose must be reliable and trustworthy.

But how exactly do you narrow down reliable options? Don’t worry! Our carefully selected labor pool contains skilled workers who are put through a rigorous screening process. Starting with their education and qualifications, their backgrounds and previous employment history is thoroughly verified and validated. Additionally, they go through training and vetting to ensure that they are the right fit for your organization.

So, whether your admin & office support labor requirement is temporary, permanent or semi-permanent, we have got the right choices for you.

We understand how important it is to have an experienced workforce. A non-skilled laborer is more of a liability than an asset. You have to spend additional time and resources into training them and getting them up to speed. However, with our carefully selected labor pool, we ensure that you get an experienced workforce with proven track records. This means that they are ready to go right off the bat. Whatever your requirement may be, we provide the best solutions when it comes to admin & office laborers.

Here are some of the common job titles when it comes to admin & office support:

  • Office Assistants.
  • General laborers.
  • Housekeeping / Cleaning services.
  • Engineers/ Machine operators/ Tool specialists
  • Maintenance engineers/ handyman
  • Accountant/ Data entry specialists
  • Supervisors
  • Analysts/ IT engineers/ Specialists, and many more similar roles.

Rest assured that you get the best solutions and services on choosing us for your admin&office labor requirements.