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Apart from canines, a hard hat is man’s best friend, especially if you work in construction or in a factory setting. Hard hats not only protect you from the hazards that can befall anyone in an industrial environment, they also set you apart as a professional.

As a rule, a hard hat that is of a better quality must be a more comfortable one. However, it is seen that many people are adverse to wearing hard hats; they complain of discomfort and uneasiness when wearing a hard hat.

Further, low quality hats may also break easily, and hence not offer you the right level of protection that you need.

So how can you choose the best quality hard hat? The task is easier said than done, and there are a large number of factors to consider when choosing the right hat. And a lot of workmen, at least those who aren’t experienced, don’t know what to look for when choosing a hard hat.

To help you choose the right one, here are a few tips to follow.

Watch Out For Adjustability

One of the first things that you should look for when buying a hard hat is to make sure that your hat is adjustable. This is usually achieved by means of a suspension mechanism. Without the ability to adjust your hat, you can look forward to it constantly falling off. So, make sure your hat can adjust to your head.

Ensure Liners

Your hard hat is going to be your constant companion for many hours during the day; hence you should always ensure that it is comfortable. One of the best ways of doing this is to use hats that have liners. The liners ensure that the hat sits comfortably on your head, and also guarantee coziness during the colder days.

Choose Accessories As Per Your Profession

Based on your work environment, you might need to use several attachments and accessories with your hat. For miners a light-attachment is necessary; for welders you need a hat with a frontal screen attachment. Based on your profession, accessorize your hard hat as you see fit.

Be Flexible

Ironically, the best hard hats have a certain amount of flexibility. In fact, flexibility is one of the defining characteristics of a top-quality hard hat. But keep in mind that the hat shouldn’t be too bendable, otherwise it won’t be able to offer you the required level of protection.

Therefore, while choosing the hard hat, make sure to choose the right material. You can go with aluminum, fiberglass, and other synthetics that offer the Goldilocks combination of flexibility and strength.

Take Care Of The Suspension

Perhaps as important as the material of a hard hat is its suspension. As a rule, hard hats with a six-point suspension are the best. Adequate suspension ensures that you are protected against the full force of any accidental impact that may befall you during your work hours. The suspension ensures that the impact is distributed evenly throughout the hat, thereby protecting your skull.

Vents Are Important

Hard hats ideally come in two varieties: vented and non-vented. The vented ones have small opening in the crown that encourage air flow, while the non-vented ones, predictably, do not.

Vented hats can be of immense help in hot and humid work conditions and provide you with the right level ventilation to prevent overheating. This is important as it can protect you from heat-strokes and similar ailments.

Where Can You Get One?

In Sydney, there are a wide variety of places from where you can buy a hard hat of your choice. There’s which provides good quality hats for all professionals; also, you can choose to go with The Work Warehouse or O’Sullivan Safety Supplies.

The above list is by no means exhaustive, and you can also check out your local workwear supplies store to get a hat of your choice. And if all else fails, Google it and you’ll get the help you need.

Final Words

So, the next time you have to buy a hard hat, keep the above tips on your mind so you can get the best hat on your head. Happy shopping!

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How To Chose A Hard Hat And Where To Buy It In Sydney


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