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Construction zones are normally considered high-risk areas and require employees and workers to undergo special training and certifications before being allowed into the work zones. There are a large number of construction tickets and permits that you can secure in NSW that can open more employment opportunities for you.

What is a construction ticket?

Construction tickets are permits and licenses issued after you have successfully completed and undergone training at approved institutions. This training covers a wide range of topics such as general safety, specialized work-related training, and much more. Most construction sites in NSW mandate that their workers have the right construction tickets before being allowed to work on the job.

You can acquire a construction ticket by completing a course either in person or through online training from an approved training institution.

Common construction tickets

Depending on the type of job and risk involved, there are many different construction tickets that are recognized in NSW. Some of the more common ones are as mentioned below:

White Cards

Any employee looking to work in the construction industry must first complete his/her white card training. This is the most basic requirement for every construction zone in NSW. Any individual looking to access construction zones is required to possess a valid white card even if he is just a visitor. If you are not active in the construction industry for more than 2 years, you may need to renew your white card training.

white card example. Source:

High-Risk Work tickets

High-risk work tickets consist of a group of tickets that indicate that you have completed your training to work in high-risk areas and jobs. If you are seeking employment which involves driving a forklift, excavator, mobile cranes, or other similar equipment, you must have a valid High-Risk Work ticket.

These tickets offer specialization in various roles, areas, and equipment. Before choosing a high-risk work ticket training program, it is important to understand exactly what the course offers and what kind of job roles it entitles you to take up.

HRW certificate example. Source:

Working at Heights Ticket

For laborers or workers who need to work at elevated heights during the course of their work, they must have a valid Working at Heights ticket. The ticket covers safety programs for workers working at heights such as elevated platforms, scaffoldings, and other similar areas.

It involves many aspects such as securing oneself to the platform, not dropping tools, among others.  The working at heights ticket is required for general laborers, painters, specialists, and many other similar job roles.

It’s pretty easy to get this ticket. Usually, it takes 2-3 days in training classes to be certified.

Asbestos Removal Tickets

They contain three classes of training and are required by workers who are working with or near asbestos in their construction zones. Most demolition jobs require the candidates to have valid asbestos removal tickets to their names. The course will give you detailed information on identifying, removing, and working with asbestos in the construction zones.

RISI ticket

RISI tickets are Rail Industry Safety Induction tickets that deal with general safety hazards and operations in a rail environment. From track safety, operation guidelines, to electrical hazards, RISI tickets cover a wide range of safety topics that can help you secure a job in the rail environment profiles.

Though the competency and the validity of the card never expires, you may need to renew it every 5 years with regards to health inspections. If you are planning to seek employment in the rail industry, then having a RIW (Rail Industry Worker) card is also important.

Traffic Controller tickets

They consist of traffic control and traffic management tickets. They are one-day courses that certify workers to regulate and manage traffic in the worksite to confine to safety requirements and guidelines. You can find NSW approved traffic control course providers in this PDF doc. (20.09.19) –

Roller tickets

Roller tickets are certifications that allow you to operate rollers of a compactor within construction sites or other work areas. It is a prerequisite for many job profiles in the mining, construction, transport and agriculture industries.

Plant tickets/ Plant Operator Tickets

Plant tickets cover a wide range of induction topics for plant worker including operating machinery, overseeing operations, safety adherence, and other similar aspects.

What do you need to know when applying for construction tickets?

Each job in the construction industry might have pre-requisites regarding construction tickets. Keeping the following things in mind when applying for a construction ticket can help you get the best results:

  • Training Institutions – you must complete your certification and course from an approved training institute. You can also choose online trainers when it comes to construction tickets. Though associated training costs might vary, it is important to research the available options and choose an efficient trainer.

  • Validity – Though most construction tickets have indefinite validity, there are a few associated terms and conditions that you must be aware of. Some tickets require you to take periodic health assessments that ensure that you meet the health guidelines required to work in construction zones. If you are not active in the construction industry for a long period of time, you may need to retake the course and renew your construction tickets.

  • Specialization – Though tickets such as white cards are a generic license to work and access construction zones, most of the tickets and licenses are specialized for particular job roles and profiles. For instance, a forklift operator needs a high-risk work ticket whereas a general worker might require Working at Heights ticket. It is important to understand the responsibilities and roles of your job profile to get the right construction tickets suitable for you.

  • Cost – Construction tickets normally don’t have a fixed cost associated with them. They vary from different training institutions. Researching the available options can help you make a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing the right training institutor for you.
  • 100 Points – Don’t forget to gather all prove, that you’re living in Australia. You will generally need 100 points of ID. Some documents you can use to provide this can include:
    – Australian birth certificate / Your Passport
    – Australian drivers license
    – Medicare card / Health insurance
    – ATM card
    – Utilities bill.

Construction tickets can open up new employment opportunities and avenues in your career in the construction industry. Additionally, these certifications guarantee your safety and the safety of others in the workplace.

Taking some time out to research the available tickets and applying for the right certifications that match your job requirements can help you make the most of your time and money.

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