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So, you’ve finally narrowed down that perfect job that best suits your skills. You have researched the company, assessed the role and also have a clear idea of what you are going to put in your resume.

Now, how do you put it in?

It goes without saying that how you structure your resume is as important as what you put in it. The organization, format, and appearance of your resume play a crucial role in determining whether you land that interview, and ultimately get the job or not. A well-structured resume that clearly explains the relevant highlights of your career-graph to your prospective employer instantly gathers points in your favor; on the other hand, a shoddy one with no clear flow and construction will surely appear as jarring in the eyes of the hiring manager.

So how do you guarantee that your resume format is the right fit for the job you are applying for? While you can always use your word processor to create a resume from scratch, the time and effort it can take is better spent on honing yourself for the interview. So, to save yourself the trouble of starting from a blank slate, you can use ready-made resume templates that will do the job for you.

Advantages of Using Resume Templates 

Resume templates provide a framework over which you can easily build your resume in a professional and impressive manner that is sure to resonate with your interviewer. These templates help you by guiding you regarding how your resume elements should be laid out on the page, which sections you should include and how to organize the different sections.

Apart from the above, templates can also help with the formatting and style of the resume. They provide guidance regarding which font style and size you need to use for the different sections of the document, how to use spaces to create an impression, and how to design headlines that capture attention.

Overall, a resume template boosts your resume creation process by allowing you to draw the hiring manager’s attention to the relevant sections of your resume.

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How to Settle on A Resume Format?

Based on your current work experience and professional situation, there are different resume formats that you should adhere to. The choice of which format you should go with depends entirely on your career goals, experience levels and the job you are applying for. The following details some common resume formats, and when to use them:

  • Chronological Resume- In this format of resume your career milestones are listed in reverse chronological order i.e. the latest first. This format of resume is the best for drawing attention to your professional progression and promotions. This format should be used for entry-level positions and for applying to a job in your current industry.

  • Functional Resume- Unlike the chronological resume, the functional resume lists your skills in terms of their relevance to the position you are applying for. Achievements are highlighted to establish your particular skill set. This type of resume is best suited if you are changing career tracks, or the job you are applying for lays greater emphasis on the required skill than the work experience.

  • Combination Resume- As the name suggests, this format includes the advantages of both the above types of resumes. A combination resume lays out your career progression but also focuses on your core competencies. Use this resume if you want to highlight your industry-relevant expertise; this format is perfect for high-level professionals.

So, after you’ve narrowed down the format of your resume template, now it’s time to choose the template style that defines you.

Choosing Template Styles

As with everything, not all resume templates are created equal. From among the many templates available, you need to decide which one best represents you, and is appropriate for the position you are applying for. Resume templates usually come in the following styles:

  • Traditional Templates- This template style is characterized by clean and professional elements. Traditional templates do not include colors or designer effects. Best suited for the corporate job applicant.

  • Modern Templates- Modern templates add a dash of color and design to the traditional templates. This helps you to highlight the important parts of your resume that you want to draw the employer’s attention to.

  • Creative Templates- The creative template styles may include bright colors and funky designs. This style helps to portray the personality of the applicant. The creative resume should be used for jobs that emphasize creative flairs such as designers or photographers.

Always Remember…

That the choice of your template depends largely on the role you are applying for and your current skill set. Using a template takes the hassle out of your resume building process and allows you to focus on the content instead. So, if you want to build that killer resume, take a look at some of our free templates here.

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