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New South Wales is an integral part of the Australian labor force. With almost eight million people living there (4.4 million in Sidney alone) it can be considered the driving force of the country. Read on and find out the average salaries you can expect in the different job positions available in the area.

The Minimum wage in Australia

The minimum wage is the amount agreed upon with the Fair Work Commission that has to be respected by all businesses operating in Australian soil.  This number was set for the last time on May 30, 2019, at $19.49. This amount is reassessed once in a year and has to be implemented from the month of July of the same year.

There are some exceptions to the rule. For example, late nights, weekends and public holidays are paid at higher rates for all employees, including the ones working under the minimum wage established.

All you need to know about overtime in Australia

Overtime is a big question when it comes to workers, their minimum wage and their average salaries. Let´s start by saying that the minimum wage is agreed upon 38 hours of weekly work regardless of the Award Agreement of the industry branch. Every hour worked outside the 38 hours or worked out of ordinary hours listed ( currently from 7 am to 7 pm) and on national holidays, and weekends will be paid extra. These extra hours are paid higher, for example, time and a half. This is only valid for those who are covered under an Award Agreement; all those who are not will get paid as per their contract.

Average salaries in NSW 2019

The average salaries in New South Wales for 2019 are defined by the branch of industry and the Award Agreement each worker is under. It is important to note that on-the-job experience changes the expected minimum pay for each worker and this number can move from one year to the next. To better depict the range to expect, you´ll find the lowest (less than one year) and the highest (over twenty years). Some of the main jobs in this area and the average salaries on an hourly basis have been listed down:

Construction laborer – $24.05 per hour

This is a heavily male-dominated industry employing 96% of men. This job requires physical labour which involves the handling of heavy machinery of many kinds. The task entails-  physical labor in construction projects, operating power tools of all types and sizes, loading and unloading of heavy elements, equipment and materials and clearing working areas.

Depending on the specific skills and the experience, the rates may vary. The rates usually range between $21.18 for freshers to $26.70 an hour for more experienced workers.

Carpenter $30.31 per hour

Manual dexterity and the use of power tools are key to this job along with reliability with deadlines and attention to detail. This is another heavily male-driven industry; 99% carpenters are men.

A starting carpenter with less than one year of experience gets $23.97 as an average wage while a highly skilled and experienced one can get up to $38.

Welder $25.74 per hour

Welders use power tools and manual dexterity to join metals and either build structures or fix broken ones. They mostly need to know how to use CAD and read blueprints. While an entry-level welder can get $22.76 the hour, the rate can go up to $27 for an experienced one with years of experience.

Hospitality worker  $22.22 per hour

Hospitality workers involve many different careers from housekeeping to event planners to concierges, waiters/waitress, porters, and many others. Their tasks vary greatly from one position to the next. Also, payment varies depending on the experience and the employer with an average of $22.22

Demolition worker $24.09 per hour

Demolition workers have an average payment of $24.09. Among their tasks, you can find all the ones related to the demolition of buildings and the processes behind it. Those who have the laborer title will get paid a little extra reaching up to $24.50 in most companies.

Painter $28.05 per hour

This is directed to those painters who paint houses and constructions and not the artists who can sell a work to a gallery. Those involved with painting houses and constructions start at $20.91 before the first year and can get to $30.23 after years of experience.


The average salary in NSW for 2019 is the benchmark for employees and employers to understand if they are receiving or giving proper economic compensation for the work performed. Bear this in mind, to make conclusions about your current or future job.

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