7 ways to improve employee productivity

Think you need more staff?  Think again.

Maybe you only need to increase your staff’s productivity, improving the efficiency with which each staff member does their job.  Productivity isn’t about squeezing the last bit of work out of every employee, it is about working smarter, not harder.

‘Focus on being productive, not busy’                                                                                                      Tim Ferris, author of The 4 Hour Workweek.

Here are 7 ways to improve employee productivity in your workplace to get your employees working smarter –

  1. Training

Training is about teaching the right and quick way to do different tasks.  Bad habits may have been passed on to each employee – professional training will build up and consolidate the task at hand to work smarter and faster.

  1. New Equipment

Technology is always evolving and there could be new equipment that benefit your staff and the tasks they are responsible for.  Maybe they are struggling with old, unreliable equipment that is slowing them down and frustrating them.  For the outlay of new equipment, your employees productivity could increase and reduce their stress.

  1. Recognise and Reward

This is an easy way to lift everyone up.  A little praise and recognition helps all staff members not only feel good about the job they have completed but also about themselves.  It doesn’t have to cost much; a thank you as the manager is passing through, a comment in the team meetings that you recognised an employee’s extra effort or a gift voucher or award makes everyone feel good.

  1. Tap into your employees strengths

Every employee has his or her strengths and weaknesses.  Use employees’ strengths to teach others or give them more tasks that utilise these talents.  Not only will they enjoy it but they will be able to complete it faster and more accurately.

  1. Management for your labour hire

Management needs to play a big part in increasing the productivity of employees.  By showing that you are interested in each employee, how they are doing their job and discussing different ways to do a task, the employee feels that management is supporting them.

  1. Teamwork

Build up a sense of team, everyone working together for one common goal, really encourages employees to, not only care about their contribution to the team but helps each other if someone is lagging behind.  By working as a team, you feel like you belong to a group not just doing your job and going home.

‘Great things in business are never done by one person.  

They’re done by a team of people’

Steve Jobs

  1. Break the monotony

Let’s face it, some tasks can be tedious! Break up these tasks, to help employees get through the day.  More breaks during the day or switch tasks around so all employees are getting a little more variety helps everyone to stay focussed on the job at hand.