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Although Australia seems to be facing a 6% unemployment rate, the primary GDP of the country is provided by skilled labor-based industries. The growth of labour hiring agencies across the country is a testament to a large amount of demand for this industry. The truth is that the presence of (or lack of) skilled labor can hugely impact an industry. And thus, if you are a skilled laborer then you should be able to bag a job easily!

But are you unsure of which skilled labor industry you should take to? Here are 5 jobs for you to consider where you will be able to make the best use of your skills and be paid handsomely.

Construction labor

One may think that the construction industry is mostly in demand for engineers and architects, but skilled laborers are an integral part of it. Any project that needs to be implemented will require a huge amount of professional labor force. And the best part is that it requires absolutely no extensive educational degree to be a construction laborer.

If you have the stamina, strength, and experience of working in the field then being a construction laborer may be one of the most profitable opportunities for you out there. Another factor that makes the construction labor industry highly lucrative is that there is never a dearth of jobs. But make sure that you are in good physical condition before opting for such a job since you will be required to spend long hours on the field.

Site management

A site manager is someone who organizes construction laborers and ensures their health, safety, and other faculties. The job also requires providing updates to the architects and engineers regarding the progress of the construction and supervising the entire labor process. Since being a site manager requires more mental skill than physical, the pay scale is also better than that of the regular construction laborer.

The primary benefit of a site management role is that it allows an opportunity to grow into the role and work in close proximity to the engineers. But at the same time, this job requires quite a bit of experience within the construction sector.

Metal work/Machinist

With the development of the Australian industrial landscape, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for skilled machinists. The primary role of a metal worker or machinist is to operate different mechanical instruments by supplying and replacing parts. They are an important part of the process that converts raw materials into finished goods, and thus customer satisfaction becomes an important part of the metal worker job.

Metal working is a mix of both physical and mental labor, but at the same time it does not requires any sort of higher education on your part. It is currently one of the most lucrative industries and the demand for skilled metal workers is only expected to rise in the coming days.

EWP Operator

The role of an EWP (elevated work platform) operator is primarily to ensure safety of the laborers working within an industry. Since most industries are becoming highly critical about the safety standards of their operations, the demand for skilled EWP operators is at an all time high. So, the role of a EWP operator which was mostly overlooked in previous times has now become one of the primary necessities of most industries.

The EWP operator jobs are quite competitive and will earn you a good wage. But at the same time, you will be required to possess knowledge of EWP operations for such a job.

Trade work

From plumbing, carpentry, fabrication, etc. to craftsmen; the need for skilled trade workers is higher than ever. These positions were mostly held by the baby-boomer generation which is now retiring. This has allowed for the millennial and the Gen-Z to swoop in and bag the various trade worker positions available. If you are someone with the skills of a trade worker, you will be able to monetize it with absolute ease. Labor based jobs are earning much more than their traditional wages and the coming decade is the perfect opportunity to place your skills where they count. These are the top 5 industries in Sydney that are currently seeking skilled laborers and you should definitely try them.

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