As recognized experts in labour hire solutions for building, construction and cleaning, we have built a comprehensive database, with well-established industry contacts in order to source and screen only the best candidates, even in high demand job categories. Our ability to provide thorough OH&S and site inductions ensures our candidates start working for you quickly, safely and productively.




We are a quality accredited provider of staffing solutions that support both temporary and permanent placements for a host of industries. Our expertise has proved both cost-saving and sustainable to our clients. We take pride in ensuring that our staff database is up to date and only lists top quality candidates for the industry. Excellent and highly skilled candidates with references and credentials checked is what our business is all about.


When you use East Labour Hire you can rest assured that your staff are the best of the best. Our name is our brand and our brand is our legacy. Our accredited candidates have been fully vetted and reference checked so that your business does not suffer due to poor work ethic or reliability. East Labour trusts and prides ourselves in delivering the most suitable workforce for your business.


Whether you are looking for casual or permanent staff our quality and reliability guarantee stands true. We believe in our candidates as much as we believe in ourselves and so, you can rely on the work performance from our staff within your business as you can trust in our commitment to our perform and out deliver on every position and skillset. Top Performance delivered every time.


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Why use East Labour Hire?

We don’t just believe in delivering top staff for your business. Our driving force is the relationships that we build with both our valued clients and our top candidates. For almost 2 decades we have been staying true to our promise of delivering staffing solutions to the best businesses in the greater Sydney area and NSW. With East Labour Hire you don’t just get a staffing provider you become part of a family and family means being there - ALWAYS. We believe in understanding our client’s business needs as well as you do and that makes us not only a top quality provider but a business partner that will ride the ebb and flow of the business world with you through thick and thin. Try us once and you never look back!

Who is East Labour Hire?

East Labour Hire is a team of industry professionals that have all made their mark in their respective sectors. We have diligently grown our team over the lifespan of our business to include only the best in the business. Led by our MD - Rytis Gruodis - ELH has consistently placed the people at key positions for our clients and have grown as our clients have grown. We believe in “by providing quality, highly skilled workers with a positive attitude and good work ethic” in the words of Rytis. Partnering with us your business will benefit from highly skilled staff whether casual or permanent, but will be able to achieve your own growth milestones as a result.