labour hire interview

You got the job interview – yeah!

Now, good preparation will help you nail the interview.  Preparation helps you think clearly and relax your nerves, presenting to the interviewer a calm, confident individual, they can see employing for the job.  Even if the calmness and confidence is just on the outside, that’s all the interviewers will see.  These tips will minimise the stresses and get your mindset in the right place, so that by the time you get into the job interview, you are ready for anything!

Three days before the interview

Grab an honest friend who can double check your interview outfit – is it appropriate for the type of job, do the clothes fit properly, are they freshly laundered with shoes shined, are your nails clean? This attention to detail shows you care about your appearance and want the job.  Don’t wear anything that is going to distract them from seeing and hearing what you have to say.  For example, if you have a side fringe that you have to keep pushing back from your eyes, the interviewer will concentrate on your fringe not on your responses to his/her questions.

Two days before the interview

Research the company so you know a little about them, their mission statement, projects they may be working on, direction of the company – this shows initiative and that you are interested in the job and the company.  Search for relevant information in the department that you are applying; look under the headings ‘media’, ‘the press’ or ‘about us’ on the company’s website.  For example, if you are applying for an accountancy position, comment on the new accountancy software they may have recently installed.

Prepare your questions for the interviewer.  This will relieve the pressure during the interview to try to think of something intelligent to ask when you are a bundle of nerves and have a thousand things running through your head.

The day before the interview

Work out exactly how you are going to get to the interview.  If you are going by public transport, work out the buses and trains that you need to take, the stop to get off at and how long it will take to walk to the interview location.  There are great apps to help you work out these times, try Google Maps for walking times between two locations, or try the train or bus websites for the timetable.  If you are driving, allow plenty of time for traffic, know exactly where you are going to park and how long it will take to get to the interview once you have parked.  This planning will also help with nerves, as it will take one less stress out of the equation, so you can arrive looking cool, calm and collected!

Hint!  Don’t forget to check that you have enough petrol in the car or enough change for public transport or parking!

The morning of the interview

Reread the job advertisement and polish what you are going to say for each of the criteria and skills the company is looking for, so this is fresh in your mind.  This is especially important if you have applied for several jobs or you applied several months ago.

Leave plenty of time to shower, get dressed, eat and clear your mind, so you can stay focussed on the job ahead.

However, the best tip of all is to breathe; not only will it help you think clearly but it will ensure that you look and act confident, ready for the job – knock on that door and win that job!