get the best from labour hire in sydney

How to get the best from your Labour Hire in the Sydney Market

Sydney is expensive and we know you are paying good money for labour hire, so you want to get the best from them. However, how do you ensure that they are working for you efficiently and to the best of their ability?

Here are some things you can do to get the best from your labour hire.

1. Find a good labour hire company

Shop around. This is a very competitive market and there are good and not-so-good labour hire companies. Finding the best labour hire company that is professional and caring usually means that they will hire out the best labour – and a better labour hire company will attract better labour.

Companies with large pools of labour hire are more likely to find you the most suited labour hire for your company and the project at hand.

Ensure the labour hire company communicate well and are responsive to your requests. A lot of the time when you need labour, you need it quickly.

2. Be specific about the skills you require

The more information you can provide to the labour hire company, the more able they are to find the labour hire with the best fit. Be specific about the types of skills and experience you need. This is the time you can get the qualifications and skills you need to get the job done, efficiently and quickly.

3. Be specific about the work that you require to be performed

When the new labour hire starts work, run through the tasks and project in detail, so they know exactly what is expected of them and the timeframes that are involved. This ensures everyone is on the same page for a successful job done.

4. Check in on them during their term with you

Every so often, check that your new hires are going well, ask them if they have any questions or are concerned about anything. Ask them if they have anything getting in the way of them completing their job.

Also, ask their work colleagues if everything is working out, so you can eliminate any problems before they become bigger.

5. Instigate a relationship with your labour hire company

By building up a relationship with your labour hire company, you can get the most from your labour hire. Giving them feedback about each of their labour hires will help them in providing you with better labour in the future and you can ask for specific labour hires you have worked with before that you know are good workers (of course, if they are available).

Basically, getting the most from your labour hire all comes down to communication – communicate well with the labour hire company on exactly the skills and experience you need to get the job done and communicate well with the new labour hire, so they know exactly what is expected of them and what the job entails.